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Big thumbs up

Posted: 19 Sep 2017

Big thumbs up for this full day tour. The tour was excellent and well organised. Thanks for a great day out, Brett.

100 Reasons to Experience the Outback Way

100 Reasons to Experience the Outback Way

Posted: 14 Sep 2017

Head into the Outback with the kids in the back seat of your car and you realise you’re on a family road trip like no other. The Outback Way, across the very heart of Australia is the quintessential Aussie journey that every kid (and adult) needs to experience at least once. Here’s 100 reasons why this trip should be on every families bucket list…. The Outback Way - 100 reasons to experience this family road trip via @AdventureMumma We made it!!! The Outback Way is a MUST DO family bonding exercise 1. You might get to travel with a cool set of wheels like the Britz Outback 4WD (the only hire vehicle you can drive one-way from Cairns to Perth). 2. You make every effort to stop at places you normally ‘fly’ past. 3. You see iconic Aussie wildlife wandering the streets. 4. There’s more chance of eating a cooked brekkie on a BIG road trip 5. You’ll get to see plenty of evidence that Dinosaurs once roamed this land. 6. And you may even ‘wrestle’ with the odd dinosaur. 7. And you’ll get to see what this land once looked like when dinosaurs once ruled. 8. And the kids can enjoy an open-air museum like no other (and learn stuff in the process). 9. You’ll get to do ‘quirky’ stuff like play music on a fence. 9. And bet on racing chickens at the North Gregory Hotel. 10. And listen to Bush Poets do their ‘thing’ on outback stages. 11. And discover the beauty of a ‘true’ Outback store….who have store owner’s that actually know where everything is! 12. You can even check out movie sets that are always open for public viewing. 13. You can pull in at one of the old Cobb & Co coach staging posts that once opened up the outback for all types of travellers. 14. And enjoy a pint (or two) at one of the smallest towns in the outback (population 2). 15. And see roads that seem to go on forever……. 16. Sometimes you’ll feel like you are the only one out this way. 17. And other times it will be easy to pull over and let another have the lion’s share of the road. 18. There’s even a chance that something quite bizarre could come your way. 19. And there’s evidence everywhere of Dinosaur Domination. 20. You can even Geocache your way across the continent. 21. You, or your kids, may be tempted to ‘try’ something a little bit different from the menu. 22. You could tick off an EPIC journey like The Outback Way from your bucket list. 23. You’re kids will LOVE seeing State Border signs like this one……. 24. And they’ll LOVE posing next to real Aussie signs like this one….. 25. You’ll find Geocache’s in the oddest of spots. 26. There’s even rockets that have fallen out of the sky out here. 27. And getting a flat out here could be an adventure in itself! 28. And the kids won’t mind waiting…… 29. In fact, your kids might even learn something practical on their journey. 29. You can even visit a Town like Alice. 30. And see the Road Transport Hall of Fame – A museum dedicated to the vehicles and people that opened up the Outback to the rest of Australia. 31. And marvel at the cars they once drove across the Outback in days of old. 32. You can get a glimpse at how the first Australian’s used to live. 33. And admire the changing colours of a spectacular sunset in Central Australia. 34. You might even discover funky cafe’s that you thought existed only in urban Australia. 34. Your kids could get excited about going on a ‘family’ walk. 35. And embrace hiking up to places that have BIG views. 36. And remind yourself how much ‘space’ there really is in the Outback. 37. And ponder on Outback Pub signs that read ‘ISDERASMNEORSSEDSASDERISORSSRSS’ ?????? 38. And discover ancient Rock Carvings that are easily accessible. 39. And walk across salt clay pans that dazzle you with their light and textures. 40. And soak in the light and colours of the afternoon sun in a desert like landscape. 41. And pay homage to the man who founded the Royal Flying Doctor Service – Flynn of the Inland. 42. Stand in awe at Mother Earth’s creations. 43. And feel dwarfed by her presence. 44. And discover water in the most surprising of places. 45. And gaze at views that seem to stretch on forever. 46. So you can enjoy pushing your photography skills to new limits. 47. And wander new pathways. 48. And be ‘cool’ about climbing hills. 49. When there are views like this to look forward to…… 50. And realise that Australia’s Outback is simply like no other…… SO, Reasons 51 -100 will be coming SOON…….Stay Tuned!! Or, SUBSCRIBE below to stay in the loop.

Northern Experience Eco Tours

Well organised tours

Posted: 13 Sep 2017

We wanted to visit a number of places close to Cairns, including Paronella Park, and decided to go with Northern Experience Eco Tours. It was a good decision because we got to see a good smattering of the Atherton Tablelands and points of interest that we would not have otherwise seen. The tour guide, Steve, was very well versed in the history and the places of interest along the journey and, whilst it was a longish day - 7 hours or so, we really enjoyed it. Lunch at Roscoe's Italian Restaurant in Innisfail was good, as was the stop over at Lake Barrine along the way. Worth the effort and you get to meet nice people as well. Thanks Steve!!

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